What Kind of Immigration Law Do You Practice?

Our law firm has represented many individuals and families for civil immigration issues, in addition to car wrecks and work accidents, throughout the greater Lafayette area. In this video, attorney Holly Lamarche explains what kind of immigration law she practices on a regular basis. Holly is bilingual and speaks fluent Spanish to better serve her clients.

Video Transcription:

I only do civil immigration. Which means, I do not do criminal. I don’t defend deportations. But, I do adjustment of status, DACA, deferred action. I do asylum, temporary protective status, fiance visas or spousal visas. So, mainly I do family or work-related visas. You know, considering I’m bilingual and Hispanic myself. Usually the clients that come in are concerned about being deported. I mean, many of them either have crossed the border illegally or they entered on a legal visa. But, overstayed it because some of them maybe got married to a U.S. citizen. And ended up having a child. And didn’t want to go back to their home country because their child was here. So, a lot of them, they just come in they’re scared. They don’t know the law. And they just want some guidance. And advice as to what’s the best course of action for them.