How Do I File for a Spousal Visa?

You can file for a spousal visa either from the United States or abroad. Filing from abroad is going to be more expensive than doing so domestically. Either way the forms are filed in the U.S where they go through a process for approval. Watch as Holly Lamarche explains the process and what details to... Read more

What is the Immigration Process for Permanent Residents and Green Card Holders?

You may enter the United State on either an immigrant or a non-immigrant visa, depending on your future plans. However, plans change all the time; even if you planned to return to your home country, you may find yourself in need of an adjustment of status to allow you to remain permanently. In this video,... Read more

What Kind of Immigration Law Do You Practice?

Our law firm has represented many individuals and families for civil immigration issues, in addition to car wrecks and work accidents, throughout the greater Lafayette area. In this video, attorney Holly Lamarche explains what kind of immigration law she practices on a regular basis. Holly is bilingual and speaks fluent Spanish to better serve her... Read more

What is an Asylum Case?

You may be able to apply for an asylum case if you are in the United States and for a refugee case from your home country. In both cases you are allowed protection from your country. Watch as attorney Holly Lamarche explains the differences between a refugee and an asylum case and the steps you... Read more