What is an Asylum Case?

You may be able to apply for an asylum case if you are in the United States and for a refugee case from your home country. In both cases you are allowed protection from your country. Watch as attorney Holly Lamarche explains the differences between a refugee and an asylum case and the steps you can take to getting work in the United States.

Video Transcription:

An asylum case, I’m sure you’ve heard the terms asylum and refugee. The difference is in an asylum case is when you apply from a politically torn country to come to the United States for protection we allow that for certain countries. The list changes depending on what the political climate is of the country. And then refugee, you do the same application. Asylum is when you do it from the United States, refugee is when you do it from your home country. So it’s both essentially the same, they’re allowed to come here and seek protection from their country, but it just depends. Some people are already here in the United States when they’re doing it and some people are doing it abroad. With DACA when you get your approval notice you’re able to take that with your employment authorization card to the local Social Security office and apply for a Social Security card. It’s not going to be the Social Security card that a resident or citizen has because it’s going to actually say for work purposes only. But it does allow them to legally get a job with whatever employer they desire and file and pay taxes. For a free consultation call us. Para una consulta gratis llama a nosotros.