How Do I File for a Spousal Visa?

You can file for a spousal visa either from the United States or abroad. Filing from abroad is going to be more expensive than doing so domestically. Either way the forms are filed in the U.S where they go through a process for approval. Watch as Holly Lamarche explains the process and what details to look out for when you are filing for a spousal visa.

Video Transcription:

Well, there’s two ways to do a spousal visa; you’re gonna do the adjustment status from here or you can do the process from abroad. My clients are split 50/50 as to what’s more convenient for them. Of course the adjustments for status process is going to be more expensive, because you have to file more forms with the local USCIS office. But essentially when you do it from abroad you the spouse stays abroad and the US citizen returns here at the United States we file the forms here in the United States once the first part of the process is approved which means they can verify that this is a true marriage and that they’re not marrying for immigration purposes then it’s sent to the embassy abroad and the consulate abroad handle it and that’s where the interview is taken and that’s where actual green card is granted and then at that point in time they can come to the United States the other process is they stay here the entire time they adjust the status the interview and everything is handled here at a local embassy. For a free consultation call us. Para una consulta gratis llama a nosotros.