How Incredible New Vehicle Safety Features Could Help Save Lives

Better vehicle safety is almost here!New vehicle safety features could soon become a major contributing factor in saving tens of thousands of American motorists every year. Many high-tech safety features are currently optional and must be purchased individually. The features, which include automatic braking, will soon become mandatory for all new vehicles seeking a five-star safety rating. New vehicle safety features include lane-departure and blind spot warnings, helping drivers avoid common causes of car accidents. Some of the features will also help avoid accidents with pedestrians and cyclists.

The new rules on safety ratings were proposed by the U.S. Department of Transportation, and would apply to 2019 car models. In many ways, this change is similar to the widespread adoption of air bag technology almost two decades ago.

Instead of paying for each safety feature individually, consumers would pay more for cars with five-star safety ratings. However, the chances of being involved in a car accident could significantly decrease.

How could these safety features help prevent common causes of car accidents? Lane-departure warning systems can serve as a useful tool for drowsy drivers, and collision avoidance systems could help motorists prevent front-end accidents with other vehicles.

The Department of Transportation Wants to “Eliminate Crashes Altogether”

By making it more difficult to get the coveted five-star rating, the U.S. DoT is encouraging auto manufacturers to add as many safety features as possible to future vehicles. This would encourage auto manufacturers to continue developing new features, such as systems that allow vehicles to talk with each other and self-driving technologies.


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