Hurt in an Oil Rig Accident?

Lafayette Oil Rig Accident Lawyers Defend Victims

Lafayette Oil Rig Accident Lawyers Defend Victims

If you work aboard a lightering vessel or oil rig, then you know how demanding and dangerous the job can be. Transporting materials from one vessel to another in the unpredictable ocean can result in a fall overboard. Furthermore, since there are height differences between some ships, loading and unloading creates even more hazards. Reports of workers being crushed are not uncommon, given all the heavy moving objects. These injuries can be life-changing, sometimes resulting in wrongful death. If you have been injured on or because of an oil field, our Lafayette oil rig accident lawyers can help.

After an oil rig accident, you need an attorney who understands how this industry operates. Partner and firm co-founder Rusty Galloway has years of experience working in the oil rig industry. His experience allows our law firm to investigate when management violates standard operating procedure, leading to injuries or deaths. Our Lafayette oil rig accident lawyers have helped thousands of people come to a favorable resolution since 1996.. We can help you get back on your feet after a devastating oil field injury.

What Are Common Oil Rig Accidents?

Every day, oil field workers face unique challenges that pose more risk of injury than most professions. The very nature of the profession sometimes involves catastrophic injury or even wrongful death. The key to a successful claim is identifying what parties contributed to your injuries. Additionally, oil rig injuries are more severe and getting proper emergency treatment can be tricky. Some common examples of oil rig accidents involve:

  • Defective Equipment: Unfortunately, some companies use out-of-date or recalled equipment. Faulty equipment can cause drilling injury or death. If this happens, then both the manufacturer of the equipment and the employer could be liable for damages.
  • Employer Negligence: Oil companies cut corners all the time, sometimes resulting in dangerous conditions. We use every resource to launch a detailed investigation. We can help find out if employer negligence played a role in an oil field injury or offshore oil accident.
  • Crane Accidents: Getting onto the rig itself is one of the more dangerous parts of the job. If not overseen correctly, then an slip or other accident may lead to a death or catastrophic injury. We routinely handle claims involving crane operator accidents on oil rigs.
  • Pipeline Accidents: Our firm assists Louisiana workers who sustain an oil or gas-related injury caused by a pipeline accident. We can identify what went wrong, and who bears the most responsibility.

What Maritime Laws Protect Victims’ Rights?

In 1920, the Merchant Marine Act defined what compensation an oil rig accident victim may be able to recover. Also known as the Jones Act, this law states that you are entitled to maintenance and cure – or compensation for your medical bills and expenses until you recover. This act usually covers vessels at sea, while the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act applies to onshore accidents.

Some losses you may claim as damages include housing and medical care. If your employer is negligent, then you may be able to pursue non-economic losses, economic losses and pain and suffering claims. An experienced personal injury attorney with a background in maritime law can make all the difference in your claim.

Our law firm has firsthand experience with oil rig personal injury claims. Before he became an attorney, Rusty Galloway worked on a Grey Wolf inland rig. He was a lead hand, backup hand and mud engineer. He developed a deep understanding of both the chemical makeup of the mud compound, and assembling and dismantling an oil rig. Rusty has firsthand experience with the the drilling process. Through his guidance, our legal team understands what errors can lead to an oil rig explosion. We can also investigate whether the construction team cut corners when putting the rig together. No matter the scope of your oil rig injury, we can help.


Oil Rig Injury? Call Our Lafayette Oil Rig Accident Lawyers

Has a pipeline burst resulted in injury? Do you suffer from chemical burns? Concerned that an accident has not been properly reported? Have you had an accident involving a cruise ship, drillship, oil tanker, riverboat, shrimp boat or other vehicle? An oil rig injury can be devastating, sometimes life-changing. If you or someone you love has been the victim of an onshore or offshore oil rig injury, then contact us. At Galloway Jefcoat, Attorneys at Law, you can be confident that we handle oil rig accident claims with genuine passion.

Choose an attorney with proven experience in maritime law if you were injured on or near the water. Our knowledge in this field, our proven record of success and our refusal to back down make us valuable allies. Call our main Lafayette office today at (337) 984-8020 or contact us online. We offer a free consultation about your options for what to do next.