Hurt in an Oil Rig Accident?

Lafayette Oil Field Injury Lawyers Offer Firsthand Experience

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After an oil rig accident, you need an attorney who understands how this industry operates. Partner and firm co-founder Rusty Galloway worked in this industry for several years. He knows how oil rigs work, and he can investigate when management violates standard operating procedure, leading to injuries or deaths. His firm has helped thousands of people demand justice from negligent individuals and corporations, and he can help you get back on your feet after a devastating oil field injury.

Our Experience in the Oil Rig Industry

Before he became an attorney, Rusty Galloway worked on a Grey Wolf inland rig. He worked as a lead hand, backup hand and mud engineer. He worked closely with both the chemical makeup of the mud compound and assembling and dismantling the oil rig.

Rusty has firsthand understanding of how the chemicals must interact with each other during the drilling process, and how if something goes wrong, it can lead to an oil rig explosion. He can also investigate whether the construction team cut corners when putting the rig together.

Types of Oil Field Accidents We Assist

  • Defective Equipment: If the company uses out-of-date or recalled equipment, and faulty equipment causes an oil drilling injury or death, both the manufacturer who created it and the employer who used it could be liable for damages.
  • Employer Negligence: Oil companies cut corners all the time. Our attorneys can investigate and find out if employer negligence played a role in an oil field injury or offshore oil accident.
  • Crane Accidents: Getting on to the rig itself is one of the more dangerous parts of the job, and if not overseen correctly, can lead to a death or catastrophic injury. We routinely handle claims involving crane operator accidents.
  • Pipeline Accidents: Our firm assists Louisiana workers who sustain an oil and gas injury caused by a pipeline accident. We can tell what went wrong, and who bears the most responsibility for the accident.

Oil Field Injury Lawyers with Maritime Experience

Most of these cases involve some aspects of maritime law. For example, if you were injured on a boat, you may qualify for benefits under the Jones Act. Or, if you were working on an offshore rig, the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act may apply to you. Maritime law is notoriously complex, and not something lawyers must only dabble in. Choose an attorney with proven experience in maritime law if you were injured on or near the water.

Our knowledge in this field, our proven record of success and our refusal to back down make us valuable allies for victims of oil drilling accidents. Call today: we offer a free consultation about your options for what to do next.