What Happens in a Workers Compensation Hearing?

When you file for workers compensation benefits, you may attend several hearings over the course of settling your claim. An attorney can work with you to prepare you for each workers compensation hearing. If your case eventually goes to trial, then a lawyer can represent your best interests. Watch attorney Shelly Maturin explain the process of a workers comp claim, including the hearing you may have to attend.

Video Transcription

There are constant hearings throughout the workers comp process. Typically, they are—especially the beginning of the claim, we can file motions to compel the employer to provide medical treatment for them and a choice of physician. That’s typically the first step in the process and then depending on what happens throughout the claim there are various opportunities for hearings, motions compel employers to answer our discovery questions that we asked them. Also, if the claim continues to be denied then ultimately there is a trial of all the issues. The hearing is held at the—typically there is an office of workers comp in each division, it is strictly a judge based trial, there are no juries, very small courtrooms and very relaxed saying compared to a district court house. So, it’s a very laid-back process more so than other settings and so I tell all my clients when I first meet with is to tell the truth which is the main thing. I can always, I can defend the truth I can’t defend a lie. For free consultation on any personal injury matters feel free to contact me, Shelly Maturin, at Galloway and Jefcoat you can either contact me via telephone (337) 984-8020 or www.GallowayJefcoat.com.