Can I Include Physical Therapy Expenses in My Louisiana Car Accident Claim?

Latin American man doing physical therapy and walking holding handbars and guided by a physical therapistCar crash victims who suffer fractures, back injuries, neck injuries and soft-tissue damage may benefit from physical therapy. Sometimes therapy lasts a few weeks and other times victims may need ongoing care to help manage pain and regain mobility.

Given the ongoing nature of this type of medical care, costs can quickly add up. Fortunately, your lawyer can include these costs in your claim for compensation.

Below, Galloway Jefcoat’s Lafayette-based car accident lawyers discuss the benefits of physical therapy and what you need to know about including physical therapy expenses in your claim.

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What Types of Injuries Often Need Physical Therapy?

Below are some examples of injuries that often need physical therapy:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Joint injuries (knees, shoulders, or hips)
  • Fractures or dislocations
  • Head injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Headaches, especially migraine headaches
  • Back injuries (herniated discs, sprains, muscle spasms)

What Are the Benefits of Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy can help injury victims strengthen their muscles and relieve pain. If you suffered a fracture or joint injury, physical therapy can help you regain mobility and function.

Here are some other benefits of physical therapy after a car accident:

  • Less invasive than surgery
  • Reduce the risk of chronic pain or other long-term complications
  • Accelerate the recovery period
  • Treatment can be customized to fit your needs
  • Improving balance and coordination
  • Helping you adapt to using a medical device, like a brace, crutch or cane

Physical therapy can benefit individuals in many different ways, depending on the specifics of their injuries, response to treatment and previous health conditions.

Who Pays For Post-Car Accident Physical Therapy in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, the at-fault driver can be held financially responsible for damages from a car crash. Damages may include the cost of physical therapy.

However, compensation is not paid out until both parties reach a settlement or there is a courtroom decision. That means crash victims may need to pay their medical bills while their lawyer negotiates for compensation.

Fortunately, there are various options for paying your medical bills, including bills for physical therapy:

  • Health insurance
  • Applying for Medicare or Medicaid
  • Medical payment coverage from your own car insurance
  • Negotiating with health care providers to delay collecting payment

Can I Seek Compensation for Pain and Suffering Related to Physical Therapy?

You may be able to seek compensation for pain and suffering if attending physical therapy interrupts your daily routine. For example, if you struggle to manage your time between work and appointments. You can show your clock-in schedule at work or use an app to record your commute from work to physical therapy appointments.

Here are some other examples of how you can get compensated for pain and suffering related to physical therapy:

  • Unbearable pain is making it difficult to go through physical therapy.
  • Your caregiving duties to children or elderly make it a challenge to get to appointments.
  • You need to prolong physical therapy due to the severity of an injury.
  • Stress, anxiety, or other mental health limit your ability to stay engaged
  • Adapting lifestyle to commit to new exercises.

How Can Your Lawyer Prove Your Injuries Are Ongoing?

Your lawyer can recover compensation for physical therapy expenses if he or she can prove there is a medical need for this type of care. That is why your lawyer will need your medical records, including notes from your doctor and your physical therapist. Your medical records not only show the severity of your injuries but also the recommended treatment.

It is vital that you thoroughly explain your symptoms when you meet with the doctor, including the amount of pain you feel and how your injuries limit your mobility. This information helps doctors determine if you may need physical therapy.

It is also important to tell your physical therapist how treatment is helping you and how your body is responding. Your lawyer will need to show how treatment is benefitting you to obtain compensation for the cost.

Keep in mind that every case is different. A lawyer can help you determine the medical documents relevant to your case.

Why You Should Not Skip Physical Therapy Appointments

Some victims may be able to recover within weeks after physical therapy, others may take longer to recover. Recovery time can vary depending on these factors:

  • Whether your injuries required surgery
  • How often you need to attend therapy
  • If you have any previous injuries
  • Your age
  • How you respond to treatment

Missing any physical therapy appointments could negatively affect your recovery. It may take longer to recover, and you might increase your risk of long-term complications, such as chronic pain or impaired mobility.

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