Filing a Legal Claim After a Rollover Car Crash in Lafayette

A commercial truck involve in a rollover crash.While any car crash can be traumatic, rollover car crashes can be terrifying. The effects of these accidents can be felt for a long time, as many victims suffer catastrophic injuries.

Galloway Jefcoat’s experienced attorneys explain how rollover car crashes happen, the types of injuries they often cause and what victims should know about seeking compensation.

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How Does a Rollover Car Crash Happen?

Often there is a combination of factors that could contribute to rollover crashes, such as:

Type of Vehicle and Design

Larger vehicles, such as SUVs, trucks and vans are more prone to rollovers because they have a higher center of gravity than sedans. These larger vehicles are taller and narrower, so if a driver swerves into a curb or pothole, it could potentially lead to a rollover car crash.

Defective vehicle design can also increase the risk of a rollover crash. For example, defective steering components could increase the risk of drivers losing control and rolling over.

Driver Behavior

Drivers could engage in negligent behaviors that contribute to rollover accidents, such as speeding around curves or making sudden maneuvers.

If a driver is driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or fatigue, his or her reaction time may be compromised. This limits the driver’s ability to avoid hazards that could lead to a rollover.

Distracted driving, like texting or eating, could lead to rollover accidents. These types of distractions could shift drivers’ attention from the road and increase the risk of rollover crashes.

Road Conditions

Rain could make the road slippery, reducing traction between your tires and the road, especially if you have older tires. Unexpected impacts from potholes and debris can cause vehicles to tip over as well.

Types of Rollover Collisions

Rollover collisions are generally divided into two categories:

  • Tripped rollovers caused by an external object like a curb, pothole or uneven surface
  • Untripped rollovers do not involve an external object and often happen due to driver behavior or the design of the vehicle

What Are Some Injuries That May Occur From a Rollover Car Crash?

Rollover accidents could result in a wide range of injuries, some are minor, and others could be life changing. Not wearing a seat belt could make the injuries much worse, as you are likely to get thrown around the vehicle when it tips over.

Below are some of the common types of injuries that may occur in Lafayette rollover collisions:

Head and Neck Injuries

During a rollover accident, a vehicle could flip over several times. This could cause you to hit your head and suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) like a concussion. You may also suffer whiplash when your head and neck get jerked around.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The blunt force of an accident could break vertebrae, potentially causing permanent paralysis. This could happen if you get hit in the back or your body gets bent awkwardly.

Limb Injuries

You could fracture or dislocate limbs in a rollover crash. Glass or metal debris may cause lacerations.

Internal Injuries

A blow to your abdomen could cause internal bleeding and damage to vital organs, such as the heart, liver or lungs. It is important for victims to seek medical treatment immediately as some internal injuries could become life-threatening. Even if you do not get hit in the abdomen, your body could get jostled around so violently that internal organs suffer damage.

Emotional Trauma

The psychological impact of a rollover crash can last for a long time. Some victims may replay the scenario in their heads over and over. Some victims may be diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

How Is Liability Determined in a Rollover Car Crash?

Some rollover collisions are single-vehicle collisions, such as those caused by a pothole or some other hazard in the roadway. In these situations, the driver is likely at fault, such as for distracted driving, speeding or impaired driving.

The government entity responsible for maintaining the roadway may also be liable for some rollover collisions. Your lawyer would need to show the crash would not have happened but for the defect in the road.

Some of these single-vehicle collisions may be the result of a manufacturing defect with the vehicle. You would need to prove the defect was the reason your vehicle rolled over.

However, many rollovers are the result of a collision with another vehicle. A crash could send one vehicle off the road, where it rolls over. In these situations, the driver whose negligence caused the collision would likely be held liable.

There are numerous factors that affect liability for a rollover collision, so victims need to discuss the situation with an experienced lawyer. If the crash was not your fault, we may be able to help you seek compensation for your medical care and other damages.

What Type of Compensation Could I Be Eligible For?

Victims of rollover crashes may be eligible for various types of compensation depending on the circumstances of their case:

  • Medical expenses (emergency room visits, ongoing treatment, prescription medication, surgery and more)
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering

Call Galloway Jefcoat to Discuss Your Legal Options

Rollover crashes can have a devastating impact on you and your family. Although we cannot eliminate the trauma of the crash, our attorneys can help navigate you through the legal process.

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