Why a Delay With Your Accident Claim Benefits the Insurance Company

red stamp with delayed on itCar insurance companies have been delaying legitimate claims for years. This is one of many strategies they employ to avoid paying fair compensation to victims of driver negligence. They want to pay out as little compensation as possible or even no compensation by denying the claim.

The experienced attorneys at Galloway Jefcoat discuss the different ways insurance companies may try to delay the legal process below. They know these delay tactics cause frustration and that many victims may even give up pursuing full compensation for their damages.

If you think the insurance company has been intentionally delaying the legal process, we are prepared to help you seek full compensation for your damages. Our Lafayette-based auto accident lawyers do not charge upfront fees for our services. We also have a history of proven results, having secured millions on behalf of our clients.

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How Car Insurance Companies Delay the Legal Process

Car insurance companies have several delay tactics they may try when crash victims file claims. For example, they may delay responding to your initial claim filing. You might not hear from the insurance company for a couple of days.

Another delay tactic is to wait to investigate the accident. Sometimes victims call the insurance company to find out how the investigation is going and receive a vague answer in response. You might even check in multiple times only to hear the insurance company is still investigating.

Insurance companies may also delay responding to calls and emails from the victim and the victim’s attorney. It might take them several days to get back to you. They may say they did not get your messages or that they have been too busy to respond. They may even claim they misplaced important paperwork related to your claim.

Misleading crash victims is another familiar tactic insurance companies may try. One way they may do this is by purposely misrepresenting the terms of your policy. For instance, they may claim some of your damages are not covered when they should be covered.

Sometimes insurance companies delay the process by giving you a bunch of unnecessary forms to fill out. These forms may ask for information that you already provided or information that is irrelevant to the processing of your claim. Even if you complete these forms quickly, you might not be able to bring them to the insurance company office in person. If you fax or email these forms instead, the insurance company may say they never received your fax or email.

Some car crash claims should be easy to handle, such as if you suffered severe injuries and liability is clear. However, the insurance company may contest the severity of your injuries or whether the other driver is at fault for the accident.

Another delay tactic is to request an extension for processing your claim. Sometimes the insurance company may have a legitimate reason for requesting an extension. However, if they do not provide that reason to you, it may be a delay tactic.

Why Do Insurers Drag Their Feet in Handling Your Claim?

Since insurance companies take the money they receive from premiums and invest it, the longer they keep those funds, the more interest they earn. This gives them a significant incentive to delay paying out on claims as long as possible.

Insurance companies also know the longer they delay your claim, the more likely you are to get frustrated and accept a lowball settlement offer.

Unfortunately, victims often do not understand the full value of their claim for compensation. They may think the amount offered by the insurance company will cover most of their damages. Victims may realize too late how many costs did not get considered in that offer, such as the potential cost of future medical care.

Another reason that insurers create delays is to give you less time to be able to file a lawsuit. A car accident claim has a statute of limitations. Once this legal deadline passes, you are barred from filing a lawsuit.

Sometimes insurance companies are hoping crash victims will just give up trying to obtain compensation. The insurance company may have told you that you do not have a valid claim, or that you are 100 percent at fault for the crash. Sometimes crash victims take insurance companies at their word about the validity of their claim.

If you think the insurance company has been acting unreasonably, you may be right. Insurance companies are notorious for wasting victims’ time.

Fortunately, you do not need to sit idly by and accept this treatment. You can contact an experienced lawyer who understands these tactics well and who can help you pursue full compensation for your damages.

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