New Orleans Police Are Fighting Drunk Driving By Getting People Drunk

Lafayette car accident lawyers for crash claimsDrunk driving fatalities are on the rise in Louisiana, and Orleans Parish has the second highest number of alcohol-related crashes in the state. Only Calcasieu Parish surpasses Orleans Parish in the number of alcohol-related crashes, but the New Orleans Police Department are fighting drunk driving by taking steps to make sure that all of their officers are prepared.

How Are The Police Fighting Drunk Driving?

On September 30th, NOPD asked for volunteers to come by the station and get drunk. It was part of a three day program designed to train officers on how to detect the subtle signs of intoxication. NOPD holds this class every year, and this year, 24 officers enrolled to improve their drunk driver detecting skills.

Trainees administered sobriety tests to volunteers who were given closely monitored amounts alcohol. This was the final step before graduates were tasked with running a DUI checkpoint later that night. This hands on training should help police officers detect more potentially drunk drivers and keep them off of our Louisiana roads.

“We are seeing an abundance of drunk drivers on the street,” Police Lt. Anthony Micheu tells Fox8. “We’re currently at 900 for the year.” The average for alcohol and drug related accidents in Louisiana is 44 percent, and the national average is only around 35 to 40 percent.

The NOPD wants to see these numbers go down, and everyone can pitch in to do their part. Don’t drink and drive, call a cab instead, and keep an eye out for erratic drivers on the street. You should call the authorities immediately if someone has caused an accident, and if you are injured in a drunk driving accident, don’t be afraid to call an attorney. A civil lawsuit can help authorities spread the word about drunk driving in our community.

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