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How Important Is It To Wear A Motorcycle Helmet?

On US 190 outside of Eunice, a car and a motorcycle collided. As is often the case with an accident such as this, one person died, but there may have been a simple solution to avoid a tragic loss. When a 32-year-old woman pulled up to the intersection of US 190 and LA 95, she stopped at the stop sign and checked for oncoming traffic. She apparently misread the situation and pulled out in front of a motorcycle, causing the rider and passenger to be ejected from the bike. The rider was flown to a nearby hospital after sustaining serious injuries, but his 38-year-old passenger died on the scene. Neither rider nor passenger were wearing DOT approved helmets at the time of the crash, and some wonder if a helmet could have saved this passenger’s life. Police tested the motorcycle owner for alcohol consumption, but they found no traces after…
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Who is Responsible For A Minor’s Actions?

A young teen was involved in a car accident a few weeks ago. He ran into the other vehicle, caused minor injuries, and then drove away from the accident scene. The teen drove so erratically that he ended up driving into a neighbor’s pool. After his splash down, the boy decided to wait for the police to arrive, rather than risk another daring escape. Children, and especially teens, can be reckless and short on good judgement. They often fear the consequences of their actions and don’t realize that running away can often make those consequences far worse. That’s why good parenting is so important for our kids, and parents and guardians need to stay aware of the troubles their fresh drivers can get into on the road. Can I Be Held Liable for My Child’s Actions? In most states, there are laws on the books that hold parents and guardians…
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Who Is Responsible When A Dog Bites?

Back on June 10, 2014 a woman was leaving a relative’s home when she was attacked by a dog. She claims that she didn’t provoke the attack and that the dog was not on a leash. Now this victim is suing the dog owner for an unspecified amount to compensate for her suffering and medical bills. She claims that the owner failed to properly train the dog, failed to warn others about the dangerous dog, and failed to restrain the dog at the critical moment of the attack. Though some may not be aware, it is the responsibility of dog owners to take certain safety measures in the state of Louisiana. Owners cannot let their pooches roam: they must properly restrain them, and they can be held liable for damages the animal causes under specific conditions. Can An Attorney Help Me With My Dog Bite Case? Knowing the conditions that…
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