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Takata Recall Doubles, Becomes Largest Auto Recall in History

The Takata airbag recall drama has produced another shocking moment. Last week, Takata officially announced that they were almost doubling the recall of vehicles with potentially faulty airbag systems, which makes it the largest recall of automobiles in history. The number of recalled vehicles has gone from 8 million, to 18 million, and now finally 34 million. At this level, almost one in seven cars on the road in the United States are included in the recall. The Takata recall was originally prompted by dozens of injuries and at least six fatalities caused by airbags manufactured by Takata, a Japanese auto parts producer. In all of the cases of injuries and death, Takata airbags had deployed during minor accidents and sent shards of metal and shrapnel towards drivers. The metal came from canisters that had exploded during deployment. Before the danger of the airbags was widely known, many officers and…
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Apple Watch Brings New Concerns about Distracted Driving

Drivers who are fed up with seeing other drivers distracted by their phones may have a whole new problem to worry about. With the introduction of the Apple Smartwatch, it seems like the fight against distracted driving just took a few steps backward. Safety experts have cautioned that the unique characteristics of the Apple watch make it potentially the most distracting device for drivers to date. Some of the features of the smartwatch include the ability to check email, look at directions, and alarms that remind wearers of upcoming appointments. Taken together, these features, with the many distractions they can promote, become even more distracting when placed on the wrist, right in the field of view of a driver. Safety experts believe that the constant availability provided by having the device on your wrist can increase your chances of glancing at it while driving. Smartwatches and smartphones are not just…
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Felt Bicycles Recalls Bikes After Cycling Accidents

Felt bicycles are recalling all of their cruiser bicycles sold between June 2014 and March 2015 after a series of cycling accidents. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, which protects the public from risks that are considered unreasonable when using a product, 26 people were injured because the bike’s brakes failed. This is not the first time Felt has had to recall their bicycles. In 2011, Felt recalled about 1500 bikes because it was found that the carbon fiber on the fork part of the frame could collapse, potentially causing severe injury to cyclists. Unfortunately, bike recalls are not uncommon and they are frequently associated with severe injuries. Earlier this month, Trek recalled almost a million bikes after a rider was paralyzed because of a defect in the quick release mechanism on the bike wheel, which causes it to separate from the frame while riding. How Often do…
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