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Louisiana Class Action Lawsuit Disputes State’s Public Defense System

Many states in America have corrupt or failing public defense systems, and Louisiana has one of the worst ones. For the past ten years, findings have shown that public defender workloads are too high and are resulting in limited time with clients, unprepared cases, and scheduling issues that prevent the criminal and civil courts from operating properly. An East Baton Rouge judge has allowed a class action lawsuit to move forward that is challenging the “constitutional effectiveness” of Louisiana’s public defense system. What’s Wrong with Louisiana’s Public Defense System? This lawsuit was filed in February of this year when 13 inmates claimed that their constitutional rights were denied as a result of the failing and under-funded public defense system. The suit was filed on behalf of the inmates’ public defense attorneys. Louisiana is the only state in the country that depends on traffic ticket revenue, court fees and fines to…
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Louisiana Wrongful Death Lawsuits Involving Police Officers

There have been many recent news stories involving wrongful deaths caused by police officers. Every situation and news story has been different, but one common factor that constantly comes up is the issue of race or racial tension and differences. It’s hard to prove in these lawsuits whether race was a definite determinant in the cause of someone’s death. Louisiana has recently had some police officer-involved wrongful deaths; here are some details on one of the most recent cases: Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Louisiana Sheriff’s Wrongful Killing Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Holden LaFleur was not indicted for the death of DeJuan Guillory. The lawsuit was filed less than a week after a state grand jury failed to accuse him. Apparently LaFleur, who is white, has been known to be “prone to fits of anger, mental instability, and racial animus against African Americans,” which Sheriff Eddie Soileau claims he didn’t know…
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What Is The LCI (Louisiana Construction and Industry Self-Insurers Fund)?

The Louisiana Construction and Industry Self-Insurers Fund, or the LCI, is a group self-insurance fund in Louisiana, regulated by the Louisiana Department of Insurance. The LCI provides workers’ compensation coverage for thousands of small and medium sized businesses. Along with workers’ compensation, the organization offers services to various policyholders and agents in Louisiana, and these services can include any administrative tasks, underwriting, claims, and audits. Small businesses in Louisiana should know all their options when it comes to workers’ compensation, and LCI serves as a helpful and successful choice. What Are the LCI’s Benefits? The LCI can help business owners have access to crucial resources to help build their companies and make them stronger. Every policy offers dependable coverage, an interest-free payment plan, Active Loss Control (confirmation that your business is classified for risk assessment), claims management, and easy online bill pay. The LCI also offers free workshops that cover…
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