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What Steps Do I Need to Take to Become an Oil Rig Employee?

Our global demand for oil is growing, and the oil/gas industry is under pressure to explain their operations around the country. Louisiana is a state hub for oil rigs, so if you are looking for a new career path that will reward you, the oil rig industry might work for you. However, it’s not easy to become an oil rig employee, and there are a few essential steps you’ll need to take before you call yourself an oil rig worker in Louisiana. What Do I Need to Do to Work on an Oil Rig? Receive the necessary training and certifications: This is probably the most important step in becoming an oil rig worker, because without the proper training and documentation you won’t be able to get the job you want. These necessities include: Meeting basic requirements- age, education, drug test, etc. Make sure you meet any relevant work visa requirements…
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How Do I Report a Defective Work Product?

If you are a Louisiana employee who works with many forms of equipment and tools, you probably have heard of the dangers of working with a defective product. It is up to your employer to describe to you what a defective product looks like, so you can safely detect one when one is around, but there might be times where you find a defective product your employer was unaware of. Thankfully, there are steps that you can take as an employee to report the product as being defective. What Is the Process of Reporting a Defective Product? Your place of employment will usually purchase their equipment from another manufacturer, who will then supply these products for your company to use. Companies that manufacture products are legally required to report effects to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC. This is the federal agency that is in charge of laws regarding…
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What Are Recent Statistics on DUIs in Louisiana?

Every state has the issue of drunk driving, and many car accidents that we hear about are caused by someone driving under the influence. It’s an issue that has fluctuated back and forth in terms of severity, but in the state of Louisiana, the numbers have always been alarming. Thankfully, the amount of car accidents in general have decreased every year since 1982. As a Louisiana citizen, it’s important to know these statistics on DUIs so you can have a better look at how safe the state’s roads have become. What Are the Most Recent DUI Statistics for Louisiana? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2014, there were 737 reported car accident fatalities in Louisiana. Out of the 737 deaths, 300 of those were alcohol related. This could be calculated as 41% of vehicle accidents in the state. Out of those 300 alcohol-related deaths, there were 253…
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