Can This New TBI Treatment Offer Accident Survivors a Better Prognosis?

There are effective treatments for TBIsA team of researchers from the United States and South Korea are testing a new implant that can monitor the progress of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) without creating secondary health problems. The implant, which rests on top of the brain, can measure pressure, temperature and other vitals by wirelessly transmitting information to doctors.

Why is it important to monitor these vitals? A slight change in pressure or temperature can cause permanent brain damage if not treated quickly by doctors.

Here’s what makes this treatment unique and helpful to those who have suffered TBIs. Presently, monitoring devices for TBIs exist, but involve complicated surgeries and equipment that can cause secondary health issues, such as infections or bleeding.

This new implant is about the size of a grain of rice and dissolves once it has carried out its functions. Unlike existing treatments, doctors do not need to go back and perform additional surgery to remove the monitoring device. In this case, the implant simply dissolves away into surrounding soft tissue without causing harm to patients.

Can This New Treatment Help Other Accident Survivors?

Researchers have only tested the dissolving implant on rats, but it may not be long before human trials begin. It is also possible that similar implants could be used in other areas of the body that have suffered injuries, such as the spinal cord. This new era of biomedical implants could save lives and possibly offer a better prognosis for those who are recovering from car accidents, work injuries or other tragedies.

We live in exciting times, and this is only one example of how medicine continues to advance and create better lives for those who have suffered in accidents.


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