Lafayette Trooper Discusses Harsh Reality of Fatal Car Accidents

Work together to stop preventable accidentsEvery year, people are needlessly killed in fatal car accidents, either through negligent or reckless driving. A Louisiana State Trooper recently talked with the press about how these accidents occur.

According to the trooper, 59 Lafayette families have received a knock at the door or a phone call this year delivering the worst kind of news. Law enforcement is tasked with telling these families the bad news.

Why do these accidents continue happening? According to the state trooper, careless driving is the cause of many fatal car accidents. Motorists are texting or driving while intoxicated. The consequences of these actions have permanent implications for dozens of families every year.

To fix this problem, Louisiana has launched a statewide transportation safety program called “Destination Zero Deaths”, which will help the public understand why fatal accidents happen and how to prevent future deaths.

What Can Louisiana Do to Prevent Fatal Car Accidents?

In Louisiana, half of all fatal accidents involve alcohol. Destination Zero Deaths is seeking to reduce alcohol-related accidents by 50 percent over the next 15 years. Law enforcement plans to continue using “no refusal” policies during traffic stops, in addition to educational programs and holding irresponsible bars and vendors accountable for selling to minors.

Texting and driving, another major cause of fatal car accidents, also has the attention of Louisiana transportation officials and law enforcement. Destination Zero Deaths will expand existing programs, such as Sudden Impact, to understand texting and driving and to look for ways to prevent these accidents among teenagers.

If Destination Zero Deaths is successful, the knocks at the door and phone calls made by somber police officers can finally end.


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