Louisiana Oil Rig Worker Files Lawsuit Against Chevron

Picture of an oil rigAccording to the Southeast Texas Record, an oil rig worker from Louisiana has filed a lawsuit against Chevron, because of a variety of injuries incurred while cutting a pipe in 2014.

Before cutting the pipe, the victim alleges that he was not informed that the pipe still carried raw crude oil, which then covered him when he cut the pipe. Soon after, heavy compressor clips knocked him down. In the end, he suffered chemical burns, including to his eyes, and back injuries.

The victim and his lawyers claim that Chevron is liable because the oil company failed to properly train or supervise employees, provide proper safety equipment or maintain a safe work environment, among many other reasons for liability.

Unfortunately, oil rig injuries such as these are becoming more common as the oil drilling industry expands. In fact, according to National Public Radio, on-the-job oil drilling fatalities have increased by 100 percent since 2009.

How Can an Oil Rig Worker Attorney Help Me?

If victims and their experienced oil rig attorneys can prove that the oil company is liable for their injuries, then it is possible to secure damages for lost wages, medical bills and rehabilitation and possibly other costs.

Our oil rig attorney Rusty Galloway understands the plight of the injured oilman, having served as a roughneck and a mud engineer when he was younger. See how he and his fellow attorneys at Galloway Jefcoat have helped injured people in the oil profession by following their Twitter and Facebook feeds.

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Source: http://marcellus.com/news/id/121392/oil-rig-worker-to-take-on-chevron-over-injuries/

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