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Are You Prepared for Increased Drunk Driving Accidents Labor Day Weekend?

iStock 522604361 resize - Are You Prepared for Increased Drunk Driving Accidents Labor Day Weekend?

Labor Day Weekend signals the end of the summer as school starts up and many American adults have a long weekend to celebrate their work during the year. Road trips, events and parties increase during this time, which unfortunately means that the risk of drunk driving accidents also increases. Why Do Drunk Driving Accidents Increase During Labor Day Weekend? The Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over national mobilization for this year goes into effect from August 15 to September 3. This campaign will help to spread awareness on safety tips and the dangers of drunk driving, as well as increase police presence in order to help stop drunk drivers. According to the National Safety Council, on average, about 400 people die or are involved in a fatal accident over each Labor Day Weekend. Approximately 49,000 people will also seek medical care for serious injuries during this three-day weekend. In order…
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How Do I File a Claim After a Hit-and-Run Car Accident?

Photo of broken car after the accident

According to a new study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, hit-and-run accidents and fatalities are at an all-time high. Louisiana, along with New Mexico and Florida, made the top of the list for the highest death rates from hit-and-run crashes. A hit-and-run car accident occurs when a driver intentionally leaves a car accident scene without providing contact information or speaking with law enforcement. This happens if a car hits you and drives off, or if a car crashes into your unattended parked car with no contact information provided. Since this type of car accident is a unique incident, victims of a hit-and-run sometimes wonder how they should file an injury claim. How Do I File My Insurance Claim After a Hit and Run? Most uninsured motorist coverage from your car insurance company covers accidents that were hit-and-runs. Certain states, such as Louisiana, do not allow UM property damage…
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What Are Death Benefits Under the Workers Compensation Act in Louisiana?

what are death benefits under th - What Are Death Benefits Under the Workers Compensation Act in Louisiana?

Death Benefits can depend on who gets the benefits as addressed in the Louisiana Workers Compensation Act. Sometimes the spouse gets the benefits, or the children and the spouse, every situation is different. Death benefits are part of the workers compensation Act of Louisiana, and with each being different you have to address each case and determine who gets the benefits. That’s why it’s important to consult with an attorney who knows the specialties in the law of Louisiana. An attorney can help protect your rights and your remedies that you’re offered. Video Transcription: In death cases or accidents which result in death on the job, that isn’t also addressed in the Louisiana Workers Compensation Act. But it’s something called death benefits, but it’s not that clear, it’s not that simple, it depends on who gets the benefits. Sometimes if it’s, there’s only a spouse and no children the spouse…
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